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Hello, friends and students of Del Campo Dance Studio. As of now, DDS remains closed for group classes (please see my previous post). We are however OPEN FOR PRIVATE LESSONS, single person or couple. Those of you that wish to book please feel free to call and schedule now.


DDS realizes that our students can't wait for the studio to reopen. Although we are currently closed for group classes, we realize that a lot of you have DDS group class cards. Since we are only cleared to teach private lessons, we are going to allow you to convert your Dance Cards into private lessons!

Here's how it will work. Our single private lesson rate is $70 per single hour. We will allow you to convert your 8 lesson cards ($64 value) for 1 private hour which you can book immediately. If you don't have a full card left, we will deduct any remaining class slots from our private lesson rate. Same deal for those who have the 20 lesson cards.

So if you want to take lessons now, here's a cool opportunity to resume your training by redeeming your group classes for private lessons! If you're confused or you need more information feel free to call the studio. Otherwise CALL AND BOOK NOW!


Hello friends. We've been hoping to reopen for group classes again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, cases of COVID-19 are spiking and the County of Sacramento is being very cautious about releasing touch dancing studios back open for business. Initially, just to reopen for July, there are severe restrictions. Everyone must fill out a release of liability COVID-19 form. Studios are to have delineated dancing slots that are 6ft apart in all directions! NO PARTNERS other than those who share living space! Masks must be worn at all times, temperatures taken, class times shorter to separate incoming and outgoing students from cross mingling. The breaks would also allow for sanitizing the studio between every class as well as mandatory hand washing

These are all common-sense safeguards, however with the dance slot space and the partnering restrictions, our classes would be reduced to about 12 to 14 people per class maximum.

We at DDS feel that it is still unsafe for our students and our staff to reopen. We are committed to reopening but only if all safeguards can be safely and realistically met.

At some point, hopefully, by mid-July, we might schedule some styling and shines classes.

WE ARE CLEARED right now for PRIVATE LESSONS, single person or couples. I will do a separate post today regarding booking private lessons and a Special Redemption of group class cards into private lessons conversion. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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